I am AlecisAmazing. 

In elementary school, usually on the first day, the teacher would lead an icebreaker to help everyone learn their names. Sometimes it was to name your favorite sport or food and other times it was to say your name and an animal who shares the same initial. For me, I gravitated to the day that we got to simply choose a word or a color. I understood my world and identity in this way. I knew I loved colors, then orange and now glitter -- and simply, the word amazing."

Here are articles that say to stop using the word "amazing": The Muse, The Today Show, NY Daily News, and the Huffington Post -- Don’t believe them. 

Alec is a Downtown Los Angeles based multidisciplinary creative with a foundation in branding, photography, and communication who has worked with small businesses and entrepreneurs in the digital media, music, and food industries.


I believe in holding the doors for others and saying please, thank you, and excuse me.
I believe in singing at the top of your lungs -- especially in the car -- and not letting traffic ruin your day.
I believe in love at first sight and that you can never have too many gummy bears.
I believe in daydreams and wishing on shooting stars.

I believe in music that can transform your attitude.I believe in challenging your thoughts, habits, and space.
I believe in glitter and that you’ll never truly, 100% get every last speck during clean up.
I believe that bow ties are better and give an outfit more personality than any tie, skinny or otherwise.
I believe in finding your word and using it to guide your every action -- Let’s find your word.

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